Monday, December 22, 2014

A Year in Review

Just like many of you out there, I'm wondering how the year could have gone by so flippin' fast!  I can't believe that there's 10 days including today left in the year.  My cousin posted a list of things she'd done this year and I thought, great idea.  So here are the things that I went through in 2014, list form, without too much induldgence on any one event.

1. Moved into my own apartment (condo) in Chinatown, Oakland.
2. Had three girls stop being my friend based on a rumor.  An untrue rumor.
3. Lost another girl friend because she's obsessed with being a cool kid.
4. Started and stopped seeing someone new, in about a month.
5. Best friend lost my dog.  Then my dog was found.  Worst 24 hours of the year.
6. Had to put my 13 year old cat to sleep.  Still miss and cry for him.
7. Took a road trip to San Diego and LA and had the best pizza and spent time with a good friend.
8. Moved in to my first home.  MY first home.
9. Got to do the job that I've wanted for the last two years.  Then left it for something better.
10. Officially ended any sort of relationship with my ex fiancé.
11. Traveled to Atlanta for the 2014 Midtown Music Festival.
12. Hosted my first Holiday Party.
13. Saw Steve Miller Band & Journey at the Shoreline.
14. Started dating.
15. Stopped driving to work daily.
16. Started having an opinion on political issues.
17. Saw my favorite childhood friend more.
18. Traveled to Las Vegas for Life is Beautiful 2015.
19. Had two very close friends sleep with each other and keep it a secret at a time when trust was the most important thing to me.
20. Lost a friend to alcoholism.
21. Reconnected with maternal family.
22. Learned about boundaries.
23. Learned that women who cheat on their husbands, boyfriends and fiancés and keep friendships secret are not to be trusted.
24. Saw Kendra Morris at the Brick & Mortar (my second show there this year.)
25. Went to the Scrapbook Expo with a good friend as an annual tradition for the last time.
26. Went to the Dicken's Faire!
27. Reconnected with an old friend and went to Six Flags, just like the old days.  Forgiveness is beautiful.
28. Went to Hawaii with family.  First. Time. Ever.  And fell in love.
29. Finally got to see one of my besties on my turf.  And play tourist in SF for a day, and night.
30. Asked for help.
31. Went to Reno, three times.
32. Was surprised with a trip to see HGTV's Dream Home.
33. Had many a happy hour with co-workers.  People I consider family.
34. Spent my first father's day with my dad, and my two Lewis-brothers.  Magical.
35. Drank too much.
36. Saw Kid Ink at the Fillmore.
37. Was flown to Austin for my company holiday party where I saw Jennifer Hudson and Incubus at the Austin Executive Airport.
38. Went to my first Warriors game.
39. Went to a Giant's game.
40. Toured the Levis Stadium.
41. Saw Lilly Allen at the Fox Theater.
42. Saw new Beat Fund, RdGldGrn and Aer at Slim's.
43. Went on an Instagram hosted photo "walk".
44. Finally went to the Presidio's Pet Cemetery.
45. Saw Wallpaper. at the Independent.
46. Finally saw my friend perform in the Mission Street Parade.
47. Saw Lorde & Sara Bareilles at the Greek Theater. (Not together)
48. Saw Jaded Inc. at the Chapel.
49. Went to the Genentech Gives Back concert: Natasha Beddingfield, Usher, Foo Fighters? 
50. Became the owner of a Prada purse.  Thanks new company!

And these are just some of the things I've done this year.  I went through some challenging times this year and as usual came out stronger and wiser.  2015, I'm so ready for you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Back From Atlanta

Oh Atlanta.  This is the second time I've travelled solo in my adult life and I'm sitting here wondering, why?  This trip was sooooo amazing!  When I saw that a band I enjoy was playing Music Midtown 2014 in Atlanta I took a look at the line up.  When I saw that the tickets were $125 for a two day festival I was like hmmm.  When I saw that one of the headliners were Eminem?  I went online and bought plane tickets and concert tickets.  Yes, I was so in!

I'd only been to Atlanta on a layover, so not only was I getting to go to an awesome music festival but I was also getting to check a new state off of my list.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well Hello Quick Update

Mid Year Check-In, Let's Do It.

Help strangers more.
  • This has come very naturally.  I have done more in helping people pick up things they’ve dropped, saying hello to the frowning, and just generally offering to help where I reasonably can. 
Learn to control my debt.
  • Though I’ve continually made progress in this department I still like my shopping and retail therapy.  However I have been better in spending solely what I have available to pay cash for when using my credit cards and I’ve managed to consolidate a lot of my previous bills. 
Do more things that I love.
  • As I have just moved and gone through a lot of busy and stress time I haven’t been scrapping as much.  Now that I have an amazing new space I anticipate more scrap time.  
  • I’ve also made a promise to get my camera out more.  Now that I’ve surrounded myself with more encouraging people I am more so embracing my talent and have stopped comparing it to others.  The art is not just about the ability itself but believing that you have the ability.
Learn to love myself.
  • This one has been THE best goal I could have ever set for myself.  I am an amazing person with a lot to offer.  The more I love me, the more I see people love me too.  And those who don’t are no longer in my life.  Birds of a feather cheat together.  Me, I love me and my honesty.  No regrets.
Discover what I want.
  • I have decided many of the things that I DON’T want such as friends who can’t even be loyal to their husbands, fiance’s and ex boyfriends.  I DON’T want to be taken advantage of or have to PAY to have people in my life.  THOSE people aren’t and never were true friends.  
  • I want music, and photography, and real moments. Real words.  Thought provoking conversations.  Love and laughter from real people.  REAL.
  • I want equality in relationships.  I give, you give.  I get, you get.  I help, you help.  I listen, you listen.  I don’t judge, you don’t judge.
  • I’ve learned more than ever to speak up about what I like and what I don’t.  I’ve learned that it’s possible to do this and the people that care, stick around.  
Go back to school and define my career goals.
  • Still a work in progress but definitely working on it.
It's been a crazy six months.  I lost my Gramma in December, moved in January, Lost one of my fuzzy kids in March, Moved again in May not to mention the crazy attacks by the cheater clan during all of this as well as a break up.  I tend to go through a lot in one time when it comes to trauma but the thing is I always rise above.  And this time is no exception.

I have an amazing support system and with my growing confidence I'm doing just fine, better than fine actually.  It's a warm feeling to discover myself and know when to say no.  To know when to say hell yes.  To indulge in the things I love (music, travel, photography, family, friends, life).  

So yea, I'm babbling now.....

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a New Beginning

Just like many others out there one of my personal goals this year is to blog more.  So here we are day one of 2014 and here are my new year resolutions:

  • Help strangers more.
    • If someone is in need, don’t be afraid to offer a hand.
    •  i.e. if someone drops something on the ground help them pick up their things. 
    •  i.e. if an old lady is crossing the street, help her (if she needs it).
  • Learn to control my debt.
    • Only buy with my credit card what I can pay for in cash.
    • Limit my retail therapy.
    • Don’t buy things that I don’t REALLY want or NEED.
  • Do more things that I love.
    • Photography
    • Scrapbooking
  • Learn to love myself.
  • Discover what I want.
    • Learn to speak up for the things that I want.
    • Find out what the fuck it is, what does KRISTI want, without adapting to what everyone else wants.
  • Go back to school and define my career goals.

There are certainly additional things I would like to accomplish this year such as blogging more regularly and scrapping a certain number of layouts.  But amidst everything that is going on right now this is what I've got.

2013 has been an interesting year full of much self discovery, love, friendship, heartbreak and death but I'm a firm believer that every experience you go through you should learn from and be stronger.  I believe that 2014 is going to be a good year with more transition and self discovery and I'm ready for it.

So long 2013 and bring it on 2014!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

Several times a week I tell myself, "you really should blog again".  Yet, I never make the time to do it.  Could it be that it's too much focus on me?  Too much to ask myself to sit down and actually contemplate my life and myself?  The last six months have been heavy months of change, of budding friendships, of expanding my trust, of standing up for myself, of relationship learning, of puppy parenthood, of just so much, I mean, how can I really sit down and think about all of it.  AND, how much of it do you really share on a blog?
The answer - however much I fucking want to.
So here I am at 10AM on a lunch break tackling something that I've been wanting to do since last fall.  Blog.  I could just blog about the stuff I've been doing, but that's an easy catch up if your on any social network (Instagram, Flickr, Facebook).  Most of you who actually read this know I'm spending a lot of time with friends, with my new baby girl, with my boo, working, etc.  Why be redundant.

What's really been heavy on my mind the last couple of months is the learning curve I'm on when it comes to people, mental health and making changes.  I feel like I've grown so much in 2013, and yet feel like I have so far to go.
I received an email a couple of days ago that has reminded me of who I've become, in the best way.  I've done much to reduce the drama that surrounds me, and I see how people just cannot handle it.  I see how malicious people will spread vicious lies to make some of the most caring, multiple-chance-giving, bend-over-sacrifice-everything people look bad just to make themselves feel better.  It's a terrible thing but I know that all I can do is protect myself and be there to listen when others need to talk.

This is not a blog about an issue I have with a certain few.  That anger has subsided and I need to LET IT GO.  This is about the good.  Seeing that you can be there for others while still maintaining boundries.  To those friends in my life, I'm truly grateful to have this opportunity to know you and learn from you.  Ooooo, I see the opportunity for a list....

List of learnings:
  • Understand where the other is coming from.  Even if you disagree with them, it's good to try to understand their thought process.  Most people don't wake up in the morning and say, ok, who am I going to destroy today.
  • Have patience.  This one, is going to forever be a struggle.  But sometimes you need to be patient before reacting.  Sometimes people and situations will work out on their own.
  • Take a moment.  Another challenge.  Sometimes it's good to take it all in and see how it feels - in your body, in your heart, in your mind.  What does this moment mean?
  • Give people a chance.  Even if they don't deserve it.  But don't let them destroy your soul.
  • Don't talk shit.  I mean let's be real, we're all going to talk shit sometimes.  Most of the time, though, discuss the situation and don't attack character, not everyone is perfect.
  • Splurge a little, but keep yo shit together.  It's good to go all out, but it's good to remember your place and your limitations.
  • It's ok to say no.  This was an interesting one for me this weekend.  I was so fully honest about NOT wanting to do something and it was SO hard to say so, but I did, and I'm so glad that I did.  I found out that you can say no to people and if they care about you, it's OK. 
  • Get inspired.  Get Excited.  Be loved.  Nuff Said.

To quote my close friend, "it's great to be a finger".