Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well Hello Quick Update

Mid Year Check-In, Let's Do It.

Help strangers more.
  • This has come very naturally.  I have done more in helping people pick up things they’ve dropped, saying hello to the frowning, and just generally offering to help where I reasonably can. 
Learn to control my debt.
  • Though I’ve continually made progress in this department I still like my shopping and retail therapy.  However I have been better in spending solely what I have available to pay cash for when using my credit cards and I’ve managed to consolidate a lot of my previous bills. 
Do more things that I love.
  • As I have just moved and gone through a lot of busy and stress time I haven’t been scrapping as much.  Now that I have an amazing new space I anticipate more scrap time.  
  • I’ve also made a promise to get my camera out more.  Now that I’ve surrounded myself with more encouraging people I am more so embracing my talent and have stopped comparing it to others.  The art is not just about the ability itself but believing that you have the ability.
Learn to love myself.
  • This one has been THE best goal I could have ever set for myself.  I am an amazing person with a lot to offer.  The more I love me, the more I see people love me too.  And those who don’t are no longer in my life.  Birds of a feather cheat together.  Me, I love me and my honesty.  No regrets.
Discover what I want.
  • I have decided many of the things that I DON’T want such as friends who can’t even be loyal to their husbands, fiance’s and ex boyfriends.  I DON’T want to be taken advantage of or have to PAY to have people in my life.  THOSE people aren’t and never were true friends.  
  • I want music, and photography, and real moments. Real words.  Thought provoking conversations.  Love and laughter from real people.  REAL.
  • I want equality in relationships.  I give, you give.  I get, you get.  I help, you help.  I listen, you listen.  I don’t judge, you don’t judge.
  • I’ve learned more than ever to speak up about what I like and what I don’t.  I’ve learned that it’s possible to do this and the people that care, stick around.  
Go back to school and define my career goals.
  • Still a work in progress but definitely working on it.
It's been a crazy six months.  I lost my Gramma in December, moved in January, Lost one of my fuzzy kids in March, Moved again in May not to mention the crazy attacks by the cheater clan during all of this as well as a break up.  I tend to go through a lot in one time when it comes to trauma but the thing is I always rise above.  And this time is no exception.

I have an amazing support system and with my growing confidence I'm doing just fine, better than fine actually.  It's a warm feeling to discover myself and know when to say no.  To know when to say hell yes.  To indulge in the things I love (music, travel, photography, family, friends, life).  

So yea, I'm babbling now.....

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